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"Welcome to Your Bridge to Success Coaching Experience.


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Christine Randall Coaching and Consulting, LLC is the bridge to success in any professional endeavor. Christine's transformational  conversations and action-taking approach are how clients fill in the gaps that take you from where you are to where you want to be!

One Introductory Call Can Be The First Step In Your Own Personal Transformation

Change Is A Choice Away!

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Here is what a few recent clients have to say about working with Christine

Brian Bulger "I've had the pleasure of working with Christine Randall. She's been a great asset to my career as she's helped me reframe my mindset around various obstacles, shift my focus, and design my daily routine such that every daily decision I make guides me towards my ultimate goal. I highly recommend her!"

Kristen Scianna "I have been blessed to have Christine as a Mentor/ Coach since the inception of my career in 2002. Christine has been one of my smartest investments. Confidence, Insight and Inspiration are 3 of her many tremendous attributes that have driven my success."

Ben  Kleinschmidt "Awesome coaching experience. I have had coaches in the past and feel like Christine has done a great job in understanding what I am looking for. Great for anyone else in the financial services/insurance industry."

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