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"Unleash Your Potential: Design Your Day for Success"!

Having a coach is the bridge from where you are to where you want to be

Go from:                              To:

Distracted to                Focused

Aimless to                      Purposeful

Overwhelmed             Action Oriented

           Reactive                        Proactive

Empowering Life Insurance Agents:

Personalized Strategies to Achieve

Your Goals and Results"


"Christine has helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses for my business. Christine is very personable and truly takes the time to listen, so she can give you the tools you need to grow in your career. Her insight and guidance have made me become more self aware, and given me the confidence I need to excel moving forward! I highly recommend Christine!"

James Mason

"I've had the pleasure of working with Christine Randall. She's been a great asset to my career as she's helped me reframe my mindset around various obstacles, shift my focus, and design my daily routine such that every daily decision I make guides me towards my ultimate goal. I highly recommend her!"

Brian Bulger

"Awesome coaching experience. I have had coaches in the past and feel like Christine has done a great job in understanding what I am looking for. Great for anyone else in the financial services/insurance industry."

Ben Kleinschmidt

"Christine is an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance. She effectively identified strengths and helped establish a growth plan for our employees empowering them in making the right decision via a deadline mode and increasing the value proposition. She provided the tools that gave our employees confidence to assert their worth and proceed with their projects in a decisive manner. Christine went above and beyond simultaneously operating as a coach and a mentor, as well part therapist. She utilized her broad industry knowledge and her sizeable experience to help create meaningful paths to success as well as explore further growth potential. She was relentlessly positive, supportive and motivating. Christine truly advocates for her clients and believes in their potential, which makes all the difference to those that she coaches and guides. I look forward to working with Christine in the future."  Sasha Ostrov

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