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Assisting the Elder

"Peace of mind for your family and aging loved ones is a phone call away"

Eldercare Consulting


Sometimes one conversation is all that is needed to help you head in the right direction.


Christine saw firsthand the fear and uncertainty that families face when deciding on how to bring a stranger into their home to care for the one they love


Will they be treated with kindness, will the caregiver know what to do, and can they be trusted?


Working with hundreds of caregivers and many families, Christine has developed a methodology on how to find a caregiver that will be right for your family, one that can be trusted, who is skilled and will care for your aging loved one like their own family member.

  • Are you an adult child and struggling with your new role in caring for an aging parent?

  • Have the day-to-day needs of your aging loved one become difficult to manage alone?

  • Does your family member state, “I want to stay in my home”, but you don’t know how to make that happen?

  • Have you decided that you want to hire an agency but aren't sure what to expect?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or you think your family is headed in the direction of hiring a professional caregiver, then I can help you.

I wrote a book  The Perfect Caregiver, it is a blueprint on what you need to look for when hiring a skilled professional. In my book, I review the pros and cons of hiring an agency or deciding to hire privately. In addition, I discuss the different ways care is paid for by families. I believe the most important part of the book is the top personality characteristics that make for an amazing caregiver and a successful long-term match for your loved one.

As our population ages, the need for caregivers will rise. We are already seeing a shortage of available candidates in many areas.  My book also reviews, how to keep a good caregiver, this is very important stuff!

If you don’t want to buy the book and/or  would like to discuss your particular situation, I am available for hourly consulting as well as helping connect you with a great caregiver, whom you hire privately, (my contacts are in the Tri-State Area, I do have some contacts willing to work in another state, please reach out if you need more information).



"Working with Christine has allowed me to have peace of mind that my husband will be cared for by wonderful caregivers. It has been a blessing finding Christine"

- Anna F.

"Christine Randall provided us with the highest level of healthcare staff for our home. One whom I have had for over three years. We so value her judgment and integrity."

- William Z.

"I had been looking for an aide for my mom for awhile. We were not sure what we needed. Christine and the caregiver she recommended, made my mothers house a home. The caregiver we hired, takes wonderful care of my mother and her puppy, she does everything, she cleans, cooks and shops and is great company for my mother."

"I cannot say enough about Christine Randall to express my full appreciation for her kindness, compassion, and expert guidance in helping us seek care.  She’s a true professional and quite responsive! No hesitation in recommending her expertise…to provide my husband with responsible, compassionate, and knowledgeable caregivers."

- Meg W.

- Maria H.

Book on Table

Get the Complete Set!

The Perfect Caregiver 

5 steps to hiring a caregiver for your aging loved one

Amazon Book


The Companion Workbook 


Check out our reviews on Amazon

The Perfect Caregiver Resource

Workbook and Resources (to go with) The Perfect Caregiver Book


  • The Perfect Caregiver Workbook

  • Interview questions for your candidate

  • Questions to ask the references provided

  • What you need to know about the agency you want to hire

  • Daily Digitally Fillable Care notes

  • Digitally Fillable Caregiver Application

  • Digitally Fillable Employee/Employer Agreement

Reading at Home

Amazon Book Reviews of
The Perfect Caregiver

“I’m in the healthcare profession and I had no idea how much I needed this book! The author clearly understands the needs of fragile people and walks you through what can be a daunting process. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to plan for a loved one’s care. Get the book now before you even know you need it! Amazing resources."


"How do you find the wonderful caregiver needed by the aging or ill person you love? In this brief yet detailed guide to the realities of aging and illness, Christine Randall tells you how to ensure the medically best, and humanly kindest, care. And she describes a perfect caregiver, noted in the guide as "Jevine". You may suppose that "Jevine" is a fictional embodiment of the best possible caregiver, but she isn't fictional. She's a real person who takes extraordinary care of people in their time of need. I know because I hired her when Ms. Randall sent her to be interviewed. At a difficult time when you're searching for someone you can trust to take care of someone you love, Ms. Randall gives you the information you need to make important decisions. I wholeheartedly recommend this brief essential guide."


"This was very helpful especially for someone who has never had to find a caregiver before. I'm sure it will also be helpful for those who have already gone through this process but still have questions and concerns."

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