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Sunset at the Bridge

Success Is One Transformational Conversation Away
Lets Bridge Your Gap Together

Move Forward
Crossing Brooklyn Bridge

You Will Cross Your  Bridge To Success
Step by Step>>>>>>>>


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Who are you?

What do you want?

Why do you want it?

It's the time to focus on the hero within.




Identify the patterns and habits that you want to add or subtract in your life.

Habits of success are how champions win!



A blueprint to get you from where you are to where you want to be. 

Do it now

Later Never Comes!


Creating your personal strategy to success and transformation


Creating the strategies you need to cross your own bridge to success.




Goals and Results Achieved


The person you have wanted to be, your goals achieved, and the gap filled in. You have accomplished what you thought impossible.

You have made it to the other side of the bridge!


Your Bridge To Success
Coaching Experience
Starts Here


Are you a life insurance agent or financial advisor looking to grow your business and increase your sales revenue?

Our specialized coaching programs are designed to help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

As your results coach, I'll work with you one-on-one to overcome any obstacles that may be standing in the way of your success.

Get ready to take your business to the next level with Christine Randall Coaching.

Christine Randall Coaching and Consulting





I have  been working one on one with clients for over 20 years. Clients have been able to set and achieve goals. Clients grow in their thinking and create habits that lead to their success. 


To make changes you want in your life, let’s start with your mindset and move into action that leads to the results you need and want. Mindset management is the foundation of coaching.


My coaching style is 100% centered are where you are today with a vision to where you want to be tomorrow.


We always start with a discovery call, are we a good match. During the discovery call, the goal is to make a connection and give value to the client. Identifying some areas of opportunity that we can work on together.


What is a coach? Means different things to many of us. 


I have been coaching people for well over 20 years, not always in a professional environment. As a young adult, I was the go to friend, with the sage advice and one who was needed during those youthful dramatic moments. Later on as my professional career developed, I actually became a trained coach. However, it took many years before I was confident enough to say,” I am a Coach”, without feeling like an imposter. I wrongly believed that I had to have a massive bank account with 1000’s of clients, for anyone to really want to work with me. I thought only the big gurus and million dollar earners had the right to call themselves a coach.


Coaching seemed to have found me vs. my seeking this path. When I was in my first year of selling life insurance, a senior rep  asked if I could coach him. I was floored, I said “me?” “I am new to this. What can I teach you?” He said I had gifts that in his 20 years he had not seen and wanted to learn from me. I remember being so intimated, but I said yes. That is when  my unofficial coaching career began.


My ability to truly understand what my clients need, create a roadmap, coach them on their success mindset and inspire them to move forward is my gift. I don’t say these words flippantly or without a sense of obligation.


I have worked with sales reps, entrepreneurs, non-profits and other individuals. The methodology is always the same, the content and focus, changes per the needs of my clients.


If you are a person that wants to create habits of success, work with someone that will put the mirror up and ask you questions that lead to insights and then have someone who will help you take action....take advantage of my free call!

Eldercare Consultant

As an eldercare consultant, Christine's driving force is making sure your family has peace of mind when you hire a caregiver for your aging loved one. It is very important to find a caregiver who will be professional, skilled, and trustworthy. Your aging loved one deserves to be treated with dignity and kindness; Christine is an expert in this area. 


Christine is an author of a book, currently on Amazon, called The Perfect Caregiver. Click the link below if you would like to be contacted about these services.



"I've been in the insurance business for 21 years and wish I had found Christine sooner. She's helping me get back to basics....time management and finding the proper balance between client service and continuing to build my business through referrals. Thanks Christine!"

- Janet F.

Awesome coaching experience. I have had coaches in the past and feel like Christine has done a great job in understanding what I am looking for. Great for anyone else in the financial services/insurance industry.

Ben K.

"Christine has a profound understanding of what makes successful caregiver-client relationships. She listens to what is needed, then carefully matches the caregivers she knows to the needs of each unique client. She is objective, and in the course of her work, educates the family, client and caregiver in how they can get the best outcome together. She understands how deeply personal and important this relationship becomes, during some of the most emotionally fraught times in a family's life. Christine has brought us peace of mind, helping us keep all of the balls in the air and all of the separate parts moving, while helping us find extraordinary caregivers who have become like members of our family. We are truly grateful that she shares her gifts with us every day."

"Christine Randall has been a tremendous help in opening and focusing my mind to my REAL goals in life and how to plan to achieve them. Christine’s jump start class was amazing! She was very easy to understand and she explains everything thoroughly. She genuinely cares that you walk away with knowledge and have clarity on your goals.  She taught me about the 3 musts, and that’s a practice that I have now integrated in my own routine.  Whether it’s coaching you through life goals or work, she is there to guide you and will do it with authenticity! I highly recommend Christine to anyone who is stagnant in life and wants to move one step closer to their goals."

- Jessica D.

- Ellen P.

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